Rep. Dean believes in treating everyone with decency and that doing so can help us develop a more honest, respectful, and inclusive political system.

As public servants, elected officials must be held to high standards. The Constitution requires Congress to exercise oversight responsibilities, and, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Dean takes that mandate seriously.

During her first week in Congress, Rep. Dean co sponsored H.R. 1, the For the People Act, which passed in the House. H.R. 1 would expand opportunities for voting, tamp down on dark money, fight back against gerrymandering, and tighten ethics rules for government employees. This Congress, House Democrats have led the way in reintroducing and once again passing the For the People Act to stop voter attempts at voter suppression in individual states.  

Rep. Dean also played a crucial role in government accountability during the impeachment process of Former President Trump serving as an Impeachment Manager

More broadly, Rep. Dean prizes good governance and works hard to ensure that the government operates fairly, efficiently and effectively, especially for the most vulnerable among us.