WASHINGTON – Last night, Rep. Dean was elected by her colleagues to serve as Vice Chair of the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus.

The Caucus addresses a range of issues that are important to citizens in Montgomery and Berks counties — and across the country. As Vice Chair, I will promote affordable, comprehensive healthcare; equality in pay, housing, and representation; high quality education and childcare; and workforce development and STEM training,” said Rep. Dean. “I will also protect reproductive rights and hold perpetrators of discrimination, sexual assault, and sexual harassment accountable.”

Dean noted that membership in the Caucus is changing – just like Congress itself. “America just elected the most diverse — and most female — Congress in history. That includes a wave of veteran female trailblazers, and I look forward to working alongside them to create more opportunities for women’s leadership in government, business, and our communities.” 

Many of the Caucus’s issues are especially close to Rep. Dean’s heart. “Together, we can do so much more to compassionately address poverty and hunger in our communities; fight to end the public health epidemics of addiction, gun violence, and maternal mortality rates; protect our environment for generations to come; and uplift the voices of those too often ignored or discriminated against because of their skin color, gender, orientation, or ethnicity.”

Before coming to Washington, Rep. Dean fought for these causes as a state representative in Harrisburg. As an appointee to Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Commission for Women —a bipartisan Committee tasked with advising the Governor on policies that impact women—she worked to support women-owned businesses and economic opportunities, created a framework for women in leadership, and crafted legislation to increase campus sexual assault awareness and protections. “These issues aren’t matters of partisanship,” Dean said. “They’re matters of compassion and care for our fellow citizens.”

Rep. Dean also noted that the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus can set a powerful example for future leaders. “I look forward to highlighting the accomplishments and energy of each of our women leaders, engaging the public, and expanding the record number of women and minorities who are running for office and winning elections.

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For more information, please contact Matt Bieber, Communications Director for Rep. Dean, at 202-569-2879 or Matthew.Bieber@mail.house.gov.