Office of Congresswoman Dean’s Community Project Funding Requests

Please note that these requests do not guarantee funding.
Final budgetary decisions are made by the Appropriations Committee.

Recipient / Project: Norristown Area High School / Norristown Area High School Library Transformation Project

  • Address of the recipient: 401 North Whitehall Road Norristown, PA 19460

  • Amount of the request: $200,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: The funding would be used for transforming Norristown Area High School (NAHS) library—which has not seen major updating since 1979—into innovative spaces that foster community, collaboration, and creation. This includes modernizing technological capabilities, furnishing a space that is welcoming and conducive to learning, increased periodical and educational software subscriptions, and creating after school enrichment programs.

  • Community Benefit: The Norristown Area High School (NAHS) is a comprehensive public high school within the Norristown Area School District (NASD) established in 1870. NAHS educates a diverse population of over 2100 students annually across grades 9 - 12. 100% of current students are now eligible for the federal free/reduced lunch program based on the high district poverty level and over 50% of the low income housing in Montgomery is located in NAS district. This investment would help benefit some of the students in most need of quality learning spaces in our district. 

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Recipient / Project: TriCounty Community Network / Support Our Own Project

  • Address of the recipient: 724 N Adams St, Suite 203 Pottstown, PA19464.

  • Amount of the request: $445,460.00

  • Project Description and Purpose: TriCounty Community Network’s Support Our Own Project uses Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) to improve health outcomes. The services they provide include screening and referring participants to local resources looking at factors such as housing, utilities, transportation, access to food, employment status, and safety. This funding would be used to expand staffing and community outreach in the 4th congressional district. 

  • Community Benefit: This project will serve the following municipalities in the Fourth District: Pottstown Borough, West Pottsgrove Township, Upper Pottsgrove Township, Lower Pottsgrove Township, Collegeville Borough, Limerick Township, New Hanover Township, Perkiomen Township, Royersford Borough, Trappe Borough, Boyertown Borough, Colebrookdale Township, and Bechtelsville Borough. The SDOH impact up to 80% of an individual’s health outcomes and plays a large role in health inequities in our community. A coordinated and systematic approach to address the SDOH can not only improve the health outcomes of our community, but also improve food security, housing stability, community safety, access to transportation, unemployment rates, and the quality of life for our community members. Taxpayer dollars spent on this program are well spent as they benefit the community as a whole and will have a direct or indirect impact on each community member.

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Recipient / Project: Holy Redeemer Hospital / Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) - Care without limit

  • Address of the recipient: 1648 Moredon Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006.

  • Amount of the request: $238,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: The funding would be used for staff to expand the programs model of care that keeps families and babies with NAS together, while engaging, educating and treating Substance Abuse Disorder during the recovery process.  These professionals will assist us to expand our presence and outreach, codify a comprehensive evaluation tool for the screening of mothers, manage reporting guidelines and monitor and manage the continuum of care for families in the program. They will accomplish this through an integrated model of care using a trauma informed approach that is stigma and judgement free. They aim to reach women before they arrive for delivery. 

  • Community Benefit: Holy Redeemer Hospital (HRH) serves patients from parts of Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties which collectively reported 454 cases of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) born at one of the 17 hospitals in those counties in 2018.  HRH has cared for an average of 40 babies with NAS and their mothers each year since 2013. The services will be aligned with community partnerships with the Department of Health, Montgomery and Bucks Counties Health and Human Services, the City of Philadelphia’s opioid addiction efforts and a broad range of private and public addiction programs.

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Recipient / Project: Hedwig House Inc. / Food Security and Social Isolation Prevention for Adults with Mental Illness

  • Address of the recipient: 109 Jenkins Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446, and 1920 Old York Road Abington, PA 19001

  • Amount of the request: $270,300

  • Project Description and Purpose: The funding would be used for continuing its Food Security and Social Isolation Prevention for Adults with Mental Illness program with funding for staffing, communication and outreach efforts, technological costs, among other costs necessary to continue operating. This program serves some of our most vulnerable populations by making sure individuals and families have nutritious meals and food in their pantries.  Following government guidelines, staff delivers home cooked meals prepared by volunteers and donated food from local restaurants. We also deliver groceries and assist with shopping.  PREP Through Tech increases social interactions and provides opportunities for social interaction.

  • Community Benefit: Hedwig House’s constituency are vulnerable adults living in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania who without us would likely fall through the cracks due to limited or no other supports. These services also help benefit the community as a whole by reducing other costs like avoiding homelessness, hospitalizations, incarceration, and more. 

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Recipient / Project: JEVS Human Services / The Choice is Yours

  • Address of the recipient: 1845 Walnut Street, 7th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103

  • Amount of the request: $400,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: The funding would be used for a 13-month innovative diversion program for first-time, nonviolent felony drug sellers. The program is modeled on and adapted from Back on Track, a program developed in San Francisco, California by then District Attorney Kamala Harris. As an alternative-to-incarceration, TCY diverts participants away from jail into both 1) “TCY court” (a problem-solving court featuring a dedicated judge who monitors participant progress and motivates compliance); and 2) a suite of community-based social services and supports delivered by JEVS Human Services. TCY combines the best of what we know works to prevent individuals from becoming re-involved in criminal activity: educational and employment services; case management; mentoring; assistance with housing, child support, public benefits, and other key services; and participation in restorative justice activities including 220 hours of community service. The program has been operating in Philadelphia County, PA since 2012 with considerable success. This proposal will fund full replication in Montgomery County, PA to serve 40 participants annually.

  • Community Benefit: This is a valuable use of taxpayer funds because This program saves taxpayer money, reduces crime, produces life-long positive outcomes or participants, and is an efficacious model program of justice system reform.

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Recipient / Project: Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust / Boyertown Yard Downtown Safety, Accessibility, and Connectivity Critical Improvements

  • Address of the recipient:100 South Chestnut Street, Boyertown, PA  19512

  • Amount of the request: $1,350,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: The funding would be used to finish safety and mobility improvements to the Boyertown Yard, a critically-needed, community-identified and broadly-supported community and economic development project left in a dangerous and half-completed state because of the Pandemic. The project in its current state presents significant safety and mobility concerns and a missed opportunity for the region. Berks County received a National Association of Counties Award in 2020 for the federal/state/local private-public partnership driving the re-invention of this important space. 

  • Community Benefit: This project is in Boyertown’s downtown where rail freight, recreational passenger trains, rail bikes, automobiles, bicyclists, and pedestrians all commingle. The location is the hub for North America’s 2nd-highest-rated tourist railroad, an $8M/year engine of economic growth.  The work proposed includes an off-street access route for tour buses and an off-street park-and-ride station for Pottstown Area Rapid Transit's potential expanded service to Berks County. It includes public restrooms, landscaping, and stormwater management. This project would promote the safety, livability, and economic attractiveness of the region for my constituents.

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Recipient / Project: Borough of Hatboro / Memorial Park ADA/Accessible Upgrade Project

  • Address of the recipient: 414 S. York Road, Hatboro, PA, 19040.

  • Amount of the request: $460,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: The Borough will also be installing an ADA accessible Trail through this project. The ADA accessible trail will run from the parking lot in the Northwest side of Memorial Park to the bridge that connects both sides of Memorial Park. On the other side of the bridge, the trail will link directly into the accessible playground, allowing children with disabilities to easily access the playground. The trail will also extend further west and will connect to the Memorial Pool Parking Lot. This will provide visitors of the pool with easy access to the playground and vice versa. The Borough will also be installing an ADA accessible bridge that connects both sides of the trail in Memorial Park. The existing bridge in Memorial Park is not ADA accessible. While usable, the bridge is not wheelchair friendly which prevents those with disabilities from crossing the bridge and accessing either side of the park. By replacing the bridge with an ADA friendly bridge, we will be increasing the accessibility of the park by allowing those with disabilities to enjoy the park to its fullest capacity.

  • Community Benefit: Making these improvements to Memorial Park will help Hatboro achieve its goal of becoming a fully accessible community that is friendly and inviting to everyone. The Borough of Hatboro approved a 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Parks & Rec Plan that outlies the goals for our parks. One of the major goals of the plan is to create a parks system friendly to all residents and visitors that coincides with Hatboro’s welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

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Recipient / Project: Montgomery County Housing Authority /  High Priority Capital Needs

  • Address of the recipient: 104 W. Main Street, Norristown, PA 19401

  • Amount of the request: $7,700,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: This funding will be used to support the critical and life safety needs across all its residential properties. Projects include installing a new fire alarm, replacing a leaking roof, fixing building-wide water infiltration, replacing obsolete furnaces, installing compactors and replacing a building-wide leaking plumbing system.

  • Community Benefit: MCHA’s public housing stock is aging; its youngest property is 38 years old.  While MCHA has invested heavily, to date, in critical and life safety projects within its portfolio, the capital funds it receives from HUD are insufficient to meet all of the critical and life safety capital needs of the portfolio. Receiving these funds, allows the MCHA to continue its commitment to preserve the safety of the buildings for some of the 4th District’s most vulnerable.

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Recipient / Project: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) / Schuylkill River Trail Safety Improvements at Norristown Transportation Center

  • Address of the recipient: 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

  • Amount of the request: $336,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: The funding would be used for various improvements to make the area where Norristown Transportation Center connects to the Schuylkill River Trail safer and more convenient for local residents, travelers on the trail, and SEPTA passengers.  Dynamic pavement painting will be refreshed, new caution reflectors and new flashing caution signs will be installed at three pedestrian crossings.  A light pole that stands in the middle of the bicycle path will be relocated to remove a potentially dangerous impediment to traffic flow and new caution reflectors will be added to additional light poles.  Caution wraps will be added to stair railings and the stair treads will be improved to benefit pedestrian safety. Finally, SEPTA will expand the trail right-of-way at certain choke points.

  • Community Benefit: This project will benefit the residents of Norristown Borough and travelers in my district, whether on foot or bicycle, on the Schuylkill River Trail as well as passengers on the Norristown High Speed Line, Manayunk/Norristown Regional Rail Line and eight suburban bus routes that serve the Norristown Transportation Center.  Norristown Borough residents are 37.2% African-American and 27.9% Hispanic.  19.3% of the borough’s population lives below the federal poverty line. This project will provide safety benefits and increase the utility and attractiveness of transportation assets that offer valuable connections for accessing employment, engaging in commerce, and pursuing leisure that will become more valuable in the coming years.

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Recipient / Project: Greater Philadelphia YMCA / YMCA New Early Learning Center: Towards Child Care Equity

  • Address of the recipient: 400 Fayette Street, Suite 250, Conshohocken, PA 19428

  • Amount of the request: $300,000

  • Project Description and Purpose: These funds will be used to build a new Early Learning Center (ELC) in Abington Township, Pennsylvania. The ELC will offer subsidized high-quality education to children from low-income families in Abington and adjacent areas. GPY will provide socioemotional learning and care for 60-85 kids daily and positively impact the local economy with the creation of an additional education hub and dozens of jobs in Pennsylvania’s Fourth Congressional District.

  • Community Benefit: As one of the nation’s largest child care provider serving more than 5000 children in 16 branches and 82 sites throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, GPY is uniquely positioned to leverage experts in the industry to deliver top quality programs. The building of a new Early Learning Center at 1073 Old York Road in Abington Township is timely and relevant as it directly addresses the inequity of access to child care services exposed during the pandemic. In the Abington area, roughly 45% of households earn less than $49,000 per year spending close to 20% of it with child care. Through GPY’s financial assistance program, many of those families will be able to register for an early learning program with affordable costs.

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