GLENSIDE, PA – Today, Rep. Madeleine Dean addressed remarks by Special Counsel Robert Mueller: “Yet again, Special Counsel Mueller felt compelled to correct mischaracterizations of his report by President Trump and Attorney General Barr. The Special Counsel was clear: ‘if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.’ Mueller also reminded us that he did not have the option of indicting the president – because according to Justice Department policy, ‘a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office.’


“After pointedly refusing to exonerate the president of wrongdoing, Special Counsel Mueller underscored his efforts to ‘preserve evidence while memories are fresh and documents available.’”


“Mueller then described his view of the appropriate next steps: ‘the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.’ In other words, Special Counsel Mueller cannot act, but Congress can – and we will.”


“The sequence of events should trouble every American. In Mueller’s words, Russia interfered in our elections in ‘sweeping and systematic fashion.’ President Trump openly encouraged Russia’s interference. When Special Counsel Mueller began investigating this attack on our democracy, President Trump obstructed the investigation time and again – and obstruction of justice is a crime.”


“This is not the behavior of a man of decency - or a man who has the best interests of his country at heart. It is the behavior of a man who will do anything to advance his own interests, no matter the cost to his fellow Americans. This is precisely the scenario that troubled our Founders – and it is why they created Congress as a co-equal branch of government: to ensure that no one is above the law.”


“Again, I thank Special Counsel Mueller for his clear words, for his decency, and for his service to our country and the rule of law.” 




Matt Bieber:, 202-251-5643