WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, Congresswoman Madeleine Dean was appointed to the House Financial Services Committee. The Committee has jurisdiction over America’s housing and financial services sectors, including banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities.


‘I’m eager to serve on the Financial Services Committee and work to ensure fairness in our housing and financial services markets,” said Rep. Dean. “The work of this committee affects the lives of every person in my district.”


Rep. Dean will bring to the committee her experience in the Pennsylvania State Legislature – where she served as a member and vice chair of the Finance Committee – monitoring financial practices and providing oversight to protect consumers, ensure economic growth, and provide market stability.


The financial and insurance sectors employ many residents of the Pennsylvania 4th District. As a member of the Financial Services Committee, Rep. Dean will work to ensure that these vital industries can continue to grow and thrive – while maintaining oversight to ensure that they serve their employees and low- and middle-class Americans.


One particular area of focus for Rep. Dean is student debt. In recent decades, student debt burdens have skyrocketed, placing young people in harsh financial straits just as they begin their careers. “We must do more to ensure that young people graduate with a lifetime of opportunity in front of them – not a lifetime of debt,” said Rep. Dean.


Rep. Dean also expressed her determination to protect seniors, who are often at the greatest risk of financial abuse. “Our federal government should be doing much more to protect our seniors through thoughtful consumer protection legislation. I look forward to creating meaningful policy that will keep our seniors secure.”


The Financial Services Committee also oversees the Department of Housing and Urban Development – a mandate that will allow Rep. Dean to advocate for compassionate solutions to homelessness and urban blight. In the Pennsylvania State House, Rep. Dean served on the Urban Affairs Committee, introducing and advancing urban redevelopment projects through public-private partnerships. “We have so many effective tools for collaboratively addressing urban decay and revitalizing communities – now we just have to use them,” said Rep. Dean.


Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters commented on Rep. Dean’s appointment to the committee. “I am pleased to welcome Congresswoman Madeleine Dean to the Financial Services Committee. This Congress, the Financial Services Committee will take on many important issues on behalf of consumers, investors and vulnerable populations, and I look forward to working with Congresswoman Dean on commonsense solutions that strengthen our economy and benefit hardworking Americans and vulnerable families across the nation.”



For more information, please contact Matt Bieber, Communications Director for Rep. Dean, at 202-569-2879 or Matthew.Bieber@mail.house.gov.