Rep. Madeleine Dean wrote a letter to Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Rear Admiral Erica G. Schwartz, Deputy Surgeon General, urging continued federal support for the COVID-19 community testing site in Montgomery County. Without the support of the federal government, this testing site will be closed.  

“Every member of the community must have the option to get tested should symptoms persist,” Rep. Dean said. “Community testing must remain funded and available in Montco -- it helps us combat the spread of COVID-19 and contain this pandemic.”

The Temple Ambler testing site has tested nearly 4,000 individuals, yet the site is expected to close on Friday, April 10. As the case count is expected to increase in the following weeks and Pennsylvania’s peak is approaching, the testing sites play an instrumental role -- and are necessary to continue the fight against this epidemic.

Congresswoman Dean was joined in a bipartisan effort by many in the Pennsylvania delegation including Senator Casey and Reps. Boyle, Evans, Fitzpatrick, and Scanlon.

See the letter below:

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