WASHINGTON This week, Congresswoman Dean was re-appointed to the House Financial Services Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. The Financial Services Committee has jurisdiction over America’s housing and financial services sectors, including banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities. While the Judiciary Committee focuses on justice in federal courts, administrative bodies, and law enforcement agencies. Its role in impeachment proceedings has also brought it much attention. Additionally, The Committee oversees the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

Financial Services Committee

“I’m ready to continue to serve on the Financial Services Committee and work to ensure fairness in our housing and student loan forgiveness” said Rep. Dean. “The work of this committee affects the lives of every person in my district.”

As a member of the Financial Services Committee, Rep. Dean will continue to work to ensure that affordable housing is accessible to all. Rep. Dean will also continue to focus on student debt as it has financially crippled and placed young people in harsh financial situations just as they begin their careers.

Judiciary Committee

“Good government requires oversight and a firm commitment to the rule of law,” said Rep. Dean. “That’s how we ensure equal justice for all. I’m eager to use the Committee’s powers to protect the rule of law and reform our criminal justice system.” 

Gun violence and criminal justice reform are top issues for Rep. Dean that she hopes to continue to address in the Judiciary Committee. The recent killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans have further exemplified the need to reform law enforcement practices and further, the criminal justice system.