Yesterday, Rep. Dean spoke out about reports that the Environmental Protection Agency will not set a national drinking water standard for two PFAS chemicals.


“After attempting to block the release of research showing just how dangerous PFAS chemicals are, the EPA is now refusing to regulate them,” said Rep. Dean. “While the Trump White House has expressed concern about a “public relations nightmare,” the people of my district are far more worried about the public health consequences of this decision.”


PFAS compounds appear in consumer products and firefighting foam used by the Department of Defense, and water runoff contaminates aquifers and wells. Across the country, at least 16 million people in 33 states and Puerto Rico are drinking contaminated water. PFAS toxins have been linked to several types of cancer and hypertension, among other ailments.


“The EPA exists to protect the air and water we depend on,” said Rep. Dean. “If the agency won’t take action, then Congress must.”


Rep. Dean serves on the PFAS Task Force, a bipartisan panel designed to educate Members of Congress about unsafe drinking water and develop legislative solutions.




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