Presidential Inauguration Tickets

The 59th Presidential Inauguration Swearing-in Ceremonies will be held at the Capitol on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. For additional information, please visit and check back frequently since it will be updated as more information becomes available.

Each Congressional office receives a limited number of tickets for the Swearing-In Ceremony. I am pleased to take requests from residents of Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional District for tickets to this ceremony. Due to high demand, I can only give tickets to those who reside in Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District. Proof of 4th District residency will be required. You may look up your representative at

Please understand that submitting this request does not guarantee you will receive a ticket. Inaugural activities will look different this year due to COVID-19. Be sure to pursue tickets with your Senators and through the public process for the greatest chance of receiving tickets.

2021 Presidential Inauguration Tickets

The JCCIC will provide Members of Congress a limited set of viewing area tickets to distribute, most of which are for a standing area at or near the east end of the National Mall. If you would like to request tickets to the presidential inauguration:

  • Read the “Preliminary Points” section of this form.
  • Fill out the “Inauguration Tickets Request Form.”

Preliminary Points

  • The JCCIC will not inform Members of Congress what/how many viewing area tickets they will be provided until a few weeks after the presidential election occurs on November 3, 2020.
  • The JCCIC does not release the actual tickets to Members of Congress until about a week before the inauguration ceremony itself. Due to the global pandemic, this year’s ticket distribution process is being assessed.
  • Attending a presidential inauguration is a physical activity and a bit of an endurance (and patience) test. Crowds are large; lines are long; roadways into D.C. and the Capitol area are congested or closed; the Washington Metro subway system features long wait times due to crowds; standing areas for the inauguration ceremony are very crowded even though they are ticketed; arriving at a viewing area at least a couple of hours early is a necessity to do an adequate job of “ensuring” that one gets in; and Washington can be cold in January.
  • Ticket requests from persons who are not residents of the 4th Congressional District of Pennsylvania will not be answered.
  • Ticket requests that do not include a fully completed form will not be answered.
  • The deadline to request tickets will be announced at a future date.