The federal government will be reopened for at least three weeks, with President Donald Trump saying Friday afternoon that he’ll sign a bill funding the government through Feb. 15.

As Congress prepared to send Trump legislation to reopen those shuttered agencies, here’s what Pennsylvania’s federal officials were saying in response Friday afternoon:

Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-4th (Montgomery):

“Today brings good news for America: after thirty-five days, our federal government will reopen.

“Over the last five weeks, America has undergone an entirely unnecessary trauma. Federal employees – including the people who protect us – have worked without pay. Essential federal services have been unavailable. Agencies that protect our financial security, airline safety – even our food and water – have been offline.

“After passing several House bills to reopen the government, I am relieved that the President has decided to end his shutdown and the suffering it has caused for our federal workers and their families.

“Now that this has come to an end, I am determined to ensure that it does not happen again. And I look forward to focusing on the many important issues that Americans sent us here to address."

“Since this shutdown began, our federal workers have shown an incredible commitment to their country. Over and over again, they told us that they simply wanted to do the work they loved. Now it’s time for us to honor that commitment by governing in the same spirit of public service.”